about sickly confidential

welcome to Sickly Confidential

this is the place where we dish all about dating with a chronic condition, invisible illness, rare disease, or even a terminal illness. real stories. real advice.

it’s a place where TMI becomes the new norm.

we’re a couple of hotties with conditions of our own who have extensively studied hypnosis, neuroscience, and the art of dating. yes…it’s an art.

and we want to share with you the tools and tips we’ve learned along our journey that are street proven and science based

you’ll find 4 columns on this blog
1. juicy sex stories that actually happened

2. actual advice that works

3. tips from real single men that we’ve personally met

4. products we loooooove; from the vibes to beauty and pre-date / post-date conveniences

And of course, opt in to receive hypnotic trances and neuroscience trainings for improving self confidence, eliminating fears, (and we throw in the best of the best lines to use to break the ice)