3 Things I’ve Learned During Quarantine

first of all, why’d I even buy a planner?

This year has been one of the most thought provoking and pivotal in my life. I got on a medication that miraculously halted the progression of my disease, cystic fibrosis.

I started multiple business projects in the hopes of income only to discover I wasn’t passionate about any of them, and then right when I landed a contract for 72 speaking opportunities, COVID19 hit and it was shut down. Forced to sit with my own inadequacies, alone, and unsure of what my future would look like, I started seeing things that I wasn’t looking for but needed to recognize.

These are 3 things I learned this year…

3 Things I Learned This Year:

♡ Listen to Opinions That Contradict Your Own

In today’s internet world, it’s easy to hide behind a keyboard and argue with strangers who have views other than yours. Listen, learn, and then form your own ideas.

Yes, black lives matter. We need to support races other than our own and we need to embrace views different than ours without hating on them.
Yes, there are bad cops out there.
Yes, there are great cops out there.
Yes, women with chronic illnesses should be having just as much sex as those who are healthy, in fact, I think they should be having more.

Nobody will ever know all you’ve been through or be able to understand it. It’s important to have discussions that enhance the fabric of our lives and keep our emotions in check when we meet someone or hear of an opinion that doesn’t match what we’d expect.

♡ Give random love

I started complimenting people more when I am walking downtown. I strive for every walk I go on with my fiance, to notice the good and speak up. And if you’re dating someone or living with someone who is struggling, give them an unexpected and sincere compliment every single day.

When you’re walking around outside of your house in a mask, know that other people are just as insecure and fcked up as you are right now. Compliment their outfit, wave “hello”, and if you go out on a date; write “you da best!” on the tab as you happily tip 30%.

Call up a friend with the intention of not talking about yourself but asking about their lives. Get curious. Encourage them to share the stories of what they are going through and what brings them joy.

When you give love, you get love. It’s that simple.

♡ Spice it the fuck up

Working from home with my fiance can be very tricky. He has a stressful job and often he’s negotiating contracts while I’m interviewing you all about your sex lives and medication list.

When you notice you want to scream at your man because he’s invading your space, take it as a sign there are better ways to work out frustrations… if ya catch my drift. Sex releases endorphins and sometimes you need that extra boost during lunchtime to get through a tough afternoon.

If you have things that are triggering you, like the news, get fucking rid of it. You don’t need negativity right now. Unfollow the people who are negative and toxic; online and in your life. Let that shit go and align your day with books and stories that inspire you. Some of my favorites include Salt in My Soul by Mallory Smith, In AWE by John O’Leary, and I AM __ The Untold Story of Success by Klyn Elsbury.

what quarantine taught me about life

Author: sicklyconfidential

Empowering women with chronic conditions to take back control of their lives during the tough times through personal growth strategies. Created by inspirational keynote speaker and author Klyn Elsbury, who also happens to thrive with cystic fibrosis and diabetes.

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